We at SDA understand that effective execution of business goals and strategies is mission critical for every organization.

Failure to achieve goals most often stems from one of three problems:

  • A breakdown in interpersonal relationships (communication or motivation, for example)
  • Failure in understanding (problem-solving or business acumen, for example)
  • Failure of competence (project management or negotiation skills, for example)

Employees can dramatically improve their soft skills proficiency by leveraging high-quality soft skills learning content in three critical areas:

  • interpersonal skills (collaboration and teamwork for example)
  • logic skills (critical thinking and decision making)
  • communication skills (listening and speaking.)

Program Name

1. Art of Selling
2. Sell Like A Consultant
3. Mastering Negotiation Skills
4. Influence To Win
5. Customer Centricity
6. Leadership Essentials for First Time Managers
7. Leadership Essentials for Mid-Management
8. Gaining The Edge Through Emotional Intelligence
9. Unleashing Your Executive Presence
10. Strategic Thinking for Leaders
11. Coaching For Results
12. Crucial Conversations
13. Leading with Influence & Persuasion
14. Interviewing Skills for Hiring Stars
15. Effective Communication Skills
16. Present Like A Pro
17. Assertiveness Skills for Professional Success
18. Business Writing Essentials
19. Execution Excellence
20. Managing Time For Professional Excellence
21. Corporate Grooming & Etiquette- Pro
22. Corporate Grooming & Etiquette – ProPlus